Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sightings on the Plain

I have just returned from a small lap of the Hoskinstown Plain.  I went searching for an Australasian Pipit or a Brown Falcon to advance my BirdaDay project.  I was unsuccessful in both of those endeavours but did see some interesting birds.

The first was a flock of 21 Red-rumped Parrots sitting in the top of a Hawthorn bush.  Here is part of the flock.
 In case you wonder about the name!
The most interesting bird was an albinistic (I don't think the eye is pink so won't call it albino)White-winged Chough.
It appeared to be well integrated with the rest of its clan and joined in the defensive posture when they were monstered by some Australian Magpies.
 There were 10 birds in this group and a further 14 in the paddock on the opposite side of the road.

While the Red-rumps seemed to be just roosting/perching in the hawthorn bush the Rosellas (Eastern and Crimson) and Gang-gangs were munching.  Here is the female ...
 ... and the male.
 In another paddock near Mills Cross a pair of Flame Robins were hawking off a fence.  The female disappeared before photographed, but the male demonstrated how the "flames go up" in reference to the colour going much higher than with Scarlet Robins:

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